Tuesday, March 5, 2013

{DIY} Ombre Chevron Tote Bag

The tote I use for my art supplies needed an update, and I have been seeing tons of cute chevron totes around lately, so thought I could turn it into a little DIY.  Plus I just love a good ol' canvas tote.  Endless possibilities.

Canvas tote bag
Painters Tape
Paint (Color of choice and white)
Paint brush
Covered surface to paint

 Using the painter's tape, make a chevron pattern.  There should be 2 areas for the paint to go.
 For the first color, you can add some white paint to your color of choice, I used a pale pink, then paint the first chevron line.  For the second chevron line, paint the color you want without the white paint.  This creates the ombre effect.
When you take the painter's tape off, keep it intact so the chevron shape is still together.  This saves you time from having to measure and make another chevron pattern.  Plus this also saves you tape.
Enjoy when dry.  :)
With beach season right around the corner (a couple months away but still close) this would make a cute beach tote too!  I just love canvas totes!

What projects have you been up to lately?


Mostly Lisa said...

Um, I want one! I wish I had the time to do a project like this. You did a great job, I love the colors. I sense a giveaway would be AWESOME with this. ;D

Mostly Lisa

mrs. tabb said...


Jenna said...

totes adorable (pun intended!

Leanne Leeper said...

This tote is adorable! I love the colour, chevron and ombre!